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THIS IS THE MOBILE MOTION PICTURE. Like it’s predecessor, the mobile photograph, it’s square, it’s filtered, and it’s fantastic.

When we set out to reinvent photography, we looked at creating a tool that not only captured the pixels, but also captured the emotion of the photographer and the subject. In 2009 we introduced HIPSTAMATIC; focusing on the joy and celebration of analog photography, we created a new experience that inspired the world to fall in love with the square filtered image.

Today, as photography has truly become the first and only democratized art medium, we look to the future of video, or as we refer to it, the motion picture. Moving images have been around for nearly 100 years, and we’ve felt the pain and agony of capturing, editing and sharing a beautiful film. Our goal was to create an experience that truly captures the emotion of a moment that a still image just can’t. In our pursuit, we’ve found that just filtering a video clip isn’t enough. It took us 3 years of working with the idea of recreating the motion picture, to include creative elements like timeline manipulation and transitions, all from your mobile device. Today, our years of work make a global premier with Cinamatic.

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