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Oggl for iOS UPDATE - Post Processing

Morning HipstaFamily.

We’ve released an update to Oggl for iOS last night, and here are the release notes:

• Import photos from your camera roll into Oggl
• Re-crop and zoom existing photos in your Oggl library
• Other enhancements and bug fixes

from @Ryan:

There’s a lot around import beyond simply “here it is”, but the release notes are intentionally concise. Here are a few more details:

Feature-wise, import will let you bring just about any photo in (the only restrictions are images that are too-low resolution, which means less than 640x640 pixels). It will bring in large images, but the size is capped at 3268px, meaning the image is scaled down before being imported if it’s larger than that size. It is also intelligent enough to just show you images that aren’t already in Oggl, and is able to import Hipstamatic photos while reading in the lens/film data so that you can post them directly to Oggl without having to “double process”. (Though you do have the option to double process if you would like — when you tap the ‘edit photo’ button it prompts you to make the Hipstamatic image editable, meaning add an additional lens and film on top of the one that already exists in the photo.)

The new cropping tools are available to all existing images in your library, so you can re-crop and even zoom in to an image after shooting it with Oggl. Note that the “rotate” feature didn’t make it in, and it’s definitely one that we’re working on. It didn’t make the deadline for this release, but it’s coming soon!

We also mark all photos uploaded if they were “post-processed” – this means they weren’t shot with Hipstamatic or Oggl, but were imported into the app. You’ll notice that when you tap an image you see a little red badge on photos that were imported.

Back to @lucas:

This morning I was on Oggl and saw this…

@picflo, I don’t disagree with you…
The idea of Post-Processing is a new scary world for Hipstamatic. Classic was built around the emotional experience we all used to have using an old toy camera, and we reinvented the shooting experience for Oggl. Serendipity is what makes shooting with Classic great. It’s so freeing, and inspiring creativity because of it’s limitations.

I believe that for Oggl to became an even stronger community, we can’t limit the experience of the App, especially when it comes to a photographer’s workflow. Sometimes, it’s just simply faster to use the built-in camera application on a device. We shouldn’t prevent beautiful images from being shared to Oggl. The fear and challenge for us as a community is to not bastardize the “purity” of the photos by post-processing the hell out of images. I believe it will be our job at Hipstamatic to build features around the viewing and image discovery within Oggl to make it so the most inspiring photos are the ones that we connect with. We want to continue to improve Oggl, and we trust our community with power of Post-Processing. We also have a few new features in the works that I think will make it even better to find inspiring images on Oggl … Stay tuned.

Get the update here

As also, continue to let us know what’s on your mind, and how we can make Oggl even better.

Let the journey begin.
Lucas Allen Buick
CEO & Founder @Hipstamatic

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