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The 24 Hour Project:: 2013 Edition

On March 23th, 2013 65+ Street Photographers in 35+ Cities and 5 Continents will take to the streets of their cities, sharing 1 photo, every hour for 24 hours. This year’s theme is Ethni[city].

Created by Street Photographers Sam Smotherman ( @whittiersam ) and Renzo Grande ( @aliveinnyc ), The 24 Hour Project aims to document the human aspect of cities all over the world through photography. This year they are asking the photographers to focus on the ethnicity of their cities within the idea of documenting the human aspect of the cities.

The 24 Hour Project is proud to have partnered with @Hipstaroll in order to explore and push the boundaries of mobile photography, with a specific focus on Hipstamatic. (Hipstaroll is an Instagram community established in June of 2011 that focuses on educating folks on how to use the Hipstamatic app, including exploring different lens and films combinations)

Follow along with The 24 Hour Project via their live feeds on Saturday 23rd as the official photographers post from the streets: @24hourproject (on Instagram, Twitter, BackSpaces, and EyeEm). Or join The 24 Hour Project as a guest participant. You can also view our 2012 Edition. Stay tuned to The 24 Hour Project for info on the book release, and the gallery opening in Los Angles this summer.

*photos by Tammy George & Richard Koci Hernandez

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