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Letting people go is never an easy decision. Yesterday’s reduction in staff was the result of endless discussion and debate about what we want our company to look like in the future. It was in no way a reflection of the work ethic or talent of those no longer with us. Over the last year we simply lost our focus. Art and creativity were no longer the center of what we did. Hipstamatic was founded as a lifestyle and culture brand that happened to make software. We aren’t a typical software company, and our inability to scale and ship became clear.

Some might view it as a setback for the company, however, it likely wasn’t. We’ve shipped very little in the past 9 months, but by streamlining our organizational structure, we are planning to ship more products and updates in the next few months as we reset and rebuild our team.

Our biggest product launch this year has been an iPad magazine called Snap, which has been extremely well received and already has over 100,000 subscribers. We are excited to ship the September issue in the coming weeks.

Moving forward, Hipstamatic will also continue to make awesome photo apps for mobile devices. We have high expectations for the type of company we want to build.  Today we will be back to work making products that inspire people to take their creativity to the next level.

Productivity will not be stopping anytime soon around here. We are all excited to focus on what we are passionate about and what made us successful in the first place.

Lucas Allen Buick
CEO & Co-Founder, Hipstamatic

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