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#MakeBeautiful: K.Flay

We feel like proud parents now that Snap, our iPad magazine, is out in the world. You can download it now over at, and keep your eyes peeled here on the interwebs—we’re releasing select pieces from the mag over the course of the month.

On behalf of our new global art project, #MakeBeautiful, we’re sharing some of the fantastic creators featured in Snap's inaugural issue. First in line is one of the raddest rappers in town, San Francisco's own K.Flay. Why does she #MakeBeautiful? Read below to find out.

Right now I play live shows, make music & sweat in public. I released an EP earlier this year called Eyes Shut, and I feel like it really represents where I’m at both as an artist and as a person. I’m currently recording my first album & touring across the country. Sometimes it’s beautiful, sometimes it’s beautifully absurd.

For me, music was an unexpected catharsis. It’s strange to say it now, since I started rapping & producing on a total whim, but music has become the avenue through which I understand myself. I’m an anxious, contemplative person by nature—songwriting is an outlet for that energy. It’s the way I let loose and forget about why I was worried in the first place.

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